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12 min read

Growing your RPA business’s presence in an evolving enterprise market

Helping your future customers advance from RPA initiative to great ROI By Kyle Hansen & Yuriy Koshulap

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1 min read

Infinityn’s first University Sales Workshop

20 October 2022, Infinityn hosted its very first sales workshop for students who are interested in the world of business.

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4 min read

Thanks to AIESEC & Corvinus

Greetings! The sales workshop we hosted at Corvinus University last week was a highly productive affair. We at Infinityn are proud to have had the...

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2 min read

Frequently Asked Questions about Agile Account-Based Marketing

We have compiled a list of questions, even doubts and objections about Agile ABM. Feel free to ask us anything that is unanswered here.

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5 min read

The Evolution of Account-based Marketing and its Future

Account-Based Marketing or ABM has undoubtedly become a defining element of B2B business development. It has been constantly evolving and it’s not...

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13 min read

Sales Development: Essential Elements of a Successful Outbound Campaign

One of the most important functions within a productive outbound machine is Sales Development, the process of filling your pipeline with qualified...

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1 min read

IAOP’s Global Outsourcing 100 Program for 2023 - application

In 2021, Infinityn succeeded in receiving IAOP’s prestigious award for 2022 and we are more than proud to showcase that. This year, Infinityn is...

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7 min read

ANNIVERSARY EDITION: six stories, five years and four key pointers later...

On a Monday morning, sipping coffee on the office balcony with my new colleagues, I hear them speaking about how the last five years have been a...

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6 min read

Engineering Happiness for Sales Success

“Happy people produce more profit” used to be a squishy, debated claim - an idea that has been slow to penetrate mainstream business thinking, let...

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