Our Story

Charting evolution through time.

Navigating Growth from Inception to Consultancy

Where strategic growth and transformation converge

We are a pioneering growth consultancy, specializing in tailored strategies that drive success. With expertise in Account-Based Marketing (ABM), Account-Based Experience (ABX), and the underlying "operating system" Agile Account-Based Growth (Agile ABG), we empower businesses to navigate today's dynamic marketplace with confidence. By aligning sales and marketing efforts, we unlock new opportunities and drive sustainable growth for our clients. Join us on a journey of exploration and discovery, as we collaborate to chart a course towards your business's lasting success.

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Robert Bukits

Founder, Managing Director

Robert leads Infinityn International as CEO, driving B2B growth with agile, account-based strategies and advanced revenue technologies in partnership with Demandbase, enhancing Lead-to-Account Transformation.

Tamas Motajcsek

Tamas Motajcsek

Business Success Director

Tamas leads Infinityn’s operations, excelling in Account Based Experience (ABX). His strategic insight in Agile ABG services drives client success and global business expansion.


March 13th

Reinforced Strategic Partnership with Demandbase 

In March 2024, Infinityn reaffirmed its commitment to its strategic partnership with Demandbase, marking another milestone in their collaboration aimed at achieving meaningful outcomes. For more information, visit this page.


Oct 1st

Empowering Client Success Through Consultancy and Professional Services

In 2024, Infinityn embraced a new era of growth, shifting our focus to consultancy services. We now empower our clients with the knowledge and expertise needed for independent success. This milestone reinforces our commitment to innovation and client-centric solutions. Today, Infinityn is a trusted partner guiding businesses toward sustainable growth through strategic consultancy and ABX professional services.

Oct 1st

March 1st

Recognition as one of Europe's Fastest-Growing Companies

In 2023, Infinityn was honored for its rapid growth and innovation, securing the 93rd spot in Financial Times and Statista's FT 1000 list, which highlights Europe's fastest-growing companies. This recognition reaffirms our commitment to excellence and our dedication to driving sustainable growth for our clients.

Feb 1st

Infinityn Secures Second Consecutive 'Rising Star' Recognition

Infinityn Secures Second Consecutive 'Rising Star' Recognition in 2023! Celebrating our continued excellence in the Global Outsourcing 100 list by IAOP.

Feb 1st


Nov 1st

Expanding Our ABX Portfolio: Collaboration with Folloze

Partnering with Folloze marks a significant stride in advancing our Account-Based Experience (ABX) portfolio. Their expertise in personalized content experiences perfectly complements our capabilities, enhancing our ability to deliver tailored and impactful solutions to our clients. This collaboration expands our ABX offerings, empowering us to drive even greater engagement and success in our account-based strategies.

May 1st

Rising Star Recognition

In 2022, Infinityn was honored as a "Rising Star" in the prestigious Global Outsourcing 100 list by the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP).

May 1st

Apr 1st

Strategic Partnership: Salesforce and Tableau

Partnering with Salesforce and Tableau, we transitioned our CRM and client project delivery platform from HubSpot to Salesforce. This strategic shift not only streamlined our operations but also marked a reseller-type cooperation, empowering us to serve multiple clients seamlessly from a unified platform while enhancing operational efficiency and client service. We also became Salesforce and Tableau resellers and implementation partners.


Nov 1st

AVEVA's Andrew Reed Wins B2B Innovator Award for Agile Account-Based Growth Excellence

In 2021, Andrew Reed of AVEVA launched the Agile Account-Based Growth (AABG) framework, earning the B2B Innovator Award. AABG integrates the 'Agile ABG pod,' enhancing global B2B growth with improved SQL quality, amplified pipeline, and increased revenue. This initiative promises enhanced alignment, streamlined processes, and elevated credibility for marketing efforts within AVEVA.

Nov 1st

May 1st

Driving Transformation: Introduction of Agile ABG Framework

Introducing Agile Account-Based Growth (Agile ABG): a comprehensive framework facilitating the transition from lead-based to account-centric strategies. Agile ABG maximizes alignment across teams and functions, providing clients with a holistic approach to success. Our framework seamlessly complements Demandbase's Account-Based Experience (ABX) framework, empowering clients to deliver personalized and impactful experiences throughout the customer journey.



Dec 1st

Empowering ABSD Excellence: ZoomInfo Reseller Partnership

Our partnership with ZoomInfo is a strategic alignment in our pursuit of delivering exceptional Account-Based Sales Development (ABSD) services. This collaboration enabled us to offer unparalleled solutions, driving success for both our clients and internal operations.

Dec 1st

May 1st

Mastering LinkedIn Sales Navigator for ABSD Excellence

Our adoption of LinkedIn Sales Navigator as a cornerstone in delivering exceptional Account-Based Sales Development (ABSD) services. 

Jan 1st

Pioneering ABSD

In 2018: We embarked on a new chapter by introducing our pioneering service: Account-Based Sales Development (ABSD). This revolutionary approach allowed us to collaborate with large global enterprises, swiftly generating sales pipelines with precision and agility. Our ABSD team became the driving force behind strategic Account-Based Marketing campaigns as well, adding a personalized, human touch to every interaction. This synergy birthed the concept of "Agile Account-Based Marketing”.

Jan 1st




Established in 2016: Infinityn emerges as an inbound marketing agency and proud HubSpot partner. From the outset, our mission was clear: to help businesses thrive in the digital age through strategic marketing initiatives. However, our journey was destined for evolution.

What we stand for.

Our Core Values: The Pillars of Our Excellence

At Infinityn, our core values illuminate our identity and steer our path. They are the foundation upon which we build our company culture and guide our interactions with clients, partners, and each other. With integrity as our compass, innovation as our driving force, collaboration as our strength, and client-centricity as our commitment, we embrace these values wholeheartedly, ensuring that they permeate every aspect of our work and relationships.

Infinityn Company Values


Embrace Diversity: Fostering an Inclusive Environment

At Infinityn, diversity isn't just celebrated; it's integral to our success. We cultivate an inclusive environment where every individual is respected and appreciated for their unique perspective and contribution.

Innovation and Agility: Driving Change Through Innovation

Innovation is our driving force at Infinityn. We continuously seek new solutions to meet the evolving needs of our clients and swiftly adapt to changing circumstances with agility and creativity.

Excellence and Accountability: Commitment to Excellence

Excellence isn't just a goal; it's our standard. We hold ourselves accountable to the highest levels of performance, consistently delivering outstanding results for our clients.

Client Focus: Putting Clients First

Our clients are at the heart of everything we do. We actively listen to their needs, deeply understand their challenges, and go above and beyond to exceed their expectations with personalized solutions and exceptional service.

Continuous Learning: Fostering Growth and Development

At Infinityn, we believe in the power of continuous learning to drive growth and development. We foster a culture of curiosity and ongoing education among our team, empowering them to stay ahead of industry trends and deliver innovative solutions.

Integrity and Transparency:

We conduct ourselves with honesty, integrity, and transparency, fostering trust and reliability with our clients, partners, and colleagues in all interactions. By upholding these principles, we create a foundation of trust that strengthens relationships and drives mutual success. Our commitment to transparency ensures open communication and accountability, fostering a culture of integrity throughout our organization.