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Growth Pod: A small package that delivers big on revenue

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If you’ve clicked on this article, there’s a fair chance you are considering outsourcing your sales, marketing, customer success and overall revenue growth projects to a specialized team of niche experts. However, outsourcing can be daunting.

This article shares some valuable nuggets that might just help you decide if a few-person, tailored, outsourced team could be the right decision for your enterprise. It might also take you by surprise the kind of impact a small team can make!


What is an ‘Agile Pod’?

In case the word ‘pod’ or even ‘Agile Pod’ sounds familiar, then you’re already on the right track. Agile comes from software development and has greatly influenced other areas of business, including project management, marketing etc., and the “agile pod” provides a small team of experts to execute these agile practices.

But what exactly is this ‘Agile Pod’ according to other knowledgeable professionals?

In the words of Agile Connection:

“Agile pods are small custom teams, ranging from four to eight members, responsible for a particular project, a specific requirement, or as an addition and part of your internal team. This organizational system is a step toward realizing the maximum potential of agile teams by involving members of different expertise and specialization, giving complete ownership, freedom, and expecting the best quality output.” (AgileConnection.com)


If you think an Agile Pod sounds good but are worried it only exists in the software development space - read on! We will share how Infinityn International developed the concept of an ‘agile pod’ to fit the growing demands of B2B enterprises in the context of sales, marketing, and overall business growth.


The Agile ABG Pod & its benefits

The Agile Account-Based Growth Pod is a small custom team which is specifically tailored to fit each client’s specific Account-Based sales development, marketing, customer success and business growth goals. Because these Agile ABG pods are highly customized, each pod will vary from client-to-client, and project-to-project. However, we could say that in general, each Agile ABG pod consists of:

  1. A Client Success Manager who oversees all strategic decisions and acts as the central point of contact with the client.

  2. One or more team members per Agile ABG phase (this means, at least one ABI, usually 2 ABSDs, an Account Executive, etc.) to ensure that every step of the Agile ABG journey is on track and performing at its best.

  3. Supporting members who step in when necessary - for example, technical support, HR support, Sales Operations, etc.


Let’s take a closer look at all the major advantages of agile pods for enterprises:


An immediate dedicated team

Professionals who know your company and your market

White- labelled support

Agility and adaptiveness

A cost-saving revenue generator

A central methodology and human element powering each step


An immediate dedicated team:

As we all know how quickly the world can change, therefore it’s important to have a team you can trust. This is what an Agile ABG Pod provides, an immediate, real-time access to corporate-compatible resources specifically tailored and dedicated to you from Day One, from project start ‘til finish.

This committed outsourced team will act as one of your own, collaboration with your internal staff, and ensure that every member has the skills, expertise, learning potential, motivation, and knowledge of the tech tools necessary to succeed in reaching the agreed set of KPIs and business goals.


Professionals who know your company and your market:

One of the base pillars of the Agile Account-Based Growth Pod is that a dedicated team will be hand-picked to fit your company’s needs, no matter what your target market, culture or language requirements are.

We know that language doesn’t just mean ‘Spanish’, ‘Swahili’ or ‘Chinese’. Language also represents a style, a class, a reputation, a community, and a niche. That’s why we ensure each talent who joins an Agile Pod team has the industry knowledge, experience, business acumen and learning potential needed to excel in any enterprise environment.

A professionally outsourced team’s goal is to represent the brand and its identity without any inconsistencies or interruptions. Speaking the language of your clients and prospects, using the tone, professionalism, humour, industry terminology and phrases that generate trust, credibility, and interest is key, just as being aware of the latest sales & marketing techniques, strategies, and the knowledge to succeed in tomorrow’s enterprise world.


White- labelled support:

When we start a new business relationship with a particular company, and we get to know them, we start building trust by gain experience of their processes, company culture, consequently, we create a bond.

When Infinityn takes on clients and offers Agile ABG services, all matters are conducted under the client’s name. The aim is to ensure a smooth and trustworthy experience for all prospects and future clients, following brand guidelines when conducting any outreach.

Instead of thinking of the Agile ABG pod as a replacement, think of the pod as an addition to your existing team. The Agile pods complement your organization and seamlessly pass over opportunities for your account managers.


Agility and adaptiveness:

Technology changes fast. Trends change fast. Demands change fast. And therefore, your business needs to adapt fast when shifts occur.

We constantly experiencing these changes, hence Infinityn pays a high level of attention on being up to date on the technology side.

The latest marketing tools we use enable sales and marketing alignment, as well as provide the data we can analyse in our unique way. With the right tech stack, professional utilization of real-time data and the right approach towards insights can be a real game changer.


We believe that learning never stops, and therefore our in-house Infinityn Academy regularly updates training materials, business processes, and methods to ensure we always deliver the best functions, tactics and expertise for tomorrow’s challenges.


An effective team gets daily exposure and hands-on practice with sales technique, content writing, social selling, communication, and more from real-world experience helping large enterprises. Through this, members are familiar with necessary tools, platforms, integrations, etiquette, and everything else needed to assemble an effective Agile ABG pod.


Perhaps, you’ve got a six-month project in mind, and you’re needing a temporary solution to get you through to the finish line. Or perhaps you’re trying to reach your 5- or-10-year business goal and feel that an extended arm to your current team would build your portfolio faster.

Whether it’ll be a short-term or long-term plan, a huge launch, or a rough patch alongside your main activities, the Agile ABG pod can help.


A cost-saving revenue generator:

Although cost-saving is not the main reason for opting for Growth Process Outsourcing, Agile ABG does have a nice side-effect of saving you money when acquiring an expert revenue-generating team.

When appoint Agile ABG pod for your growth needs, you’d be able to swiftly take on a new business plan that will bring you opportunities, and at the pace that you require. With the help of this agile methodology, many advantages are bound to surface very soon - instant availability of resources, well-trained and skilled staff, the ability to find the right tech stack – all these resulting in processes becoming less time- and resource-consuming, allowing to focus on the overall business's growth.

Investing money, generating revenue and keeping numbers competitive are highly important for businesses, therefore this is our primary focus when helping clients during their Account-Based Growth journey.


A central methodology and human element powering each step:

The Agile ABG framework and our Agile ABG pods are based on a mixture of three aspects: talented professionals (the “human touch”), cutting-edge technology, and proven processes.

The technologies we use save us time and allow us to gain the widest scope of insights.

The processes we adhere to are based on neuroscience and leverage research-based practices that are proven to support highly effective communication and trust-building.

However, it is the human aspect that is especially irreplaceable. The human element is what makes all outreach especially memorable, our cutting-edge campaigns, and our decisions thoughtful.

Of course, using technology and implementing innovation is essential, however the human interaction and interpretation of the data is key –Through genuine conversation conducted by passionate professionals, we’re able to not only shorten the sales cycle and increase relevance for clients, but also bridge gaps from functions previously treated as silos. Beyond business buzzwords, it allows us to truly care, serve, and grow. Above all, this is what allows us at Infinityn International to provide exceptional service to our clients.


The human outreach of Agile ABG happens throughout the cycle, but especially in these 3 areas:

  1. The stages involving data (research, intelligence)

    Infinityn’s Account-Based Intelligence specialists are equipped with knowledge and experience in tech tools, technologies, platforms, and analytical skills needed to dig through data and draw conclusions. Our experienced ABI team has empathy, critical thinking, an understanding of sales dynamics and a collaborative mindset, all of which create balance and care to any task they tackle. This combination gives our intelligence team a unique cutting-edge.

  2. The areas of the journey involving contextualization

    In the Agile ABG framework, you cannot follow robotic steps blindly such as: Scrape and extract data, Automate the analysis, producing target lists, Redo the lists solely according to numbers, keywords and clicks. While we do indeed leverage technology for more efficient and precise outcomes, we focus on putting the human part when crafting your business story to perfectly fit the buyer journey of your ideal target accounts. This is supported by the Project Manager who is the friendly face in front of each Agile ABG pod and ensures an expert human opinion to complement any analytical decision.

  3. All areas of outbound outreach

    Probably the most obvious area of the ‘human touch’ are the areas where the Infinityn team is face-to-face with prospects and clients. Throughout the entire outbound communication process, your dedicated Agile ABG pod will be there to bridge silos, fill gaps, and build real business relationships. Our team loves to ignite passion, interest, and personality in your prospects to create memorable experiences and increased pipeline.

With these benefits lined up, it’s safe to say that the concept of an Agile Pod goes far beyond the software development space it started in. With an Account-Based Growth twist, Growth Pods now have infinite possibilities to transform your B2B enterprise and gain those clients you know you’ll serve best.


Download our agile ABG white paper:



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