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Ready for a career upgrade?

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Hello! How is the job hunt going? Are you looking to join a set of growth-minded colleagues and professionals hailing from various countries? If this is on your list, then we have something to say to you. At Infinityn our culture has the largest impact on our growth. And we’re looking to grow our community with like minded people! So if you’d like to know if this could be the perfect match, then read on for more!

We are a close-knit team of Growth Process Experts who work together to create personalised customer experiences in sales, marketing and customer success. Our team consists of a leadership committee for making strategic decisions, an HR team which is also our Happiness Team(trust me, we will get back to this), the IT team, the agile pods that execute our growth processes and managers for the respective teams. 

Our team spirit and success is fuelled by our culture. We strive everyday to learn and be more empathetic while also unlearning some negative biases that we grew up with. We find innovative ways to bring a balance between automation and humanization. We bring together talent and tech to create multiple business opportunities and better customer experiences.

When someone becomes a part of Infinityn, they go through a three-week onboarding program at Infinityn Academy. Other than the theory of what we do, we try to develop activities to enhance their skills. For instance, you will receive training that will empower you to confidently engage with prospects, ask the right questions, and speak to CXO level decision makers and influencers to create business opportunities.

It's a whole package!

Everyone who joins the team has one common opinion- ‘Other than being a motivating environment this team is also pretty fun!’ Our diverse culture helps us learn new facts about the world everyday, making us a lot more humble and open-minded. That also prepares us to speak to an international set of clients and makes us culture-sensitive. 

Other than professional growth, personal development is something that happens everyday here. Other than the joy of working with such a strong team spirit, we also get to have the most fun team-building routine.

The key influencer behind maintaining this office culture is our HR team. Also known as the Happiness team led by Eva Eperjesi (told you we’d get back to this), their job is actually to make sure we’re happy! The founder of Infinityn International, Robert Bukits, is determined to create a safe working space that cares about the mental and physical wellness of its employees. 

Work on your Career and Happiness- with us!

Eva has been instrumental in implementing habits and designs in our workspace for the benefit of the team. For instance, she suggested a workstation redesigning project upon joining the team to get ergonomic chairs and upgraded computer screens for better visual health. She also makes timely checks to ensure nobody is stressed or mentally strained. If someone approaches the team, looking for help, we set up a coaching session to discuss the problem and find appropriate measures for it.

A week ago, I sat down with the HR team over a cup of hot coffee on our office balcony, overlooking the Citadella. Located on the 7th floor with a terrace balcony, this is one of our favourite spots to chill at during breaks. As we sat with our coffee, the HR team got casual about their role and how they handle a fast moving venture like ours. 

“Everyday at Infinityn is exciting and keeps me on my toes. The management cares about the wellbeing of its employees and it shows. And it is the primary duty to ensure this care is translated to everyday empathetic behaviour. When you keep your employees happy they are able to achieve their peak performance potential and tune into their beast mode to show optimum results.” Eva says when asked about what it’s like being a Happiness Manager.

Growing together for a better future



We went on to ask her more about how Infinityn changed her. To which she replied, ‘I used to be a night owl for most of my life. At Infinityn the management style is so unique that it keeps me driven. I see the results occurring often so I am motivated to do more. Eventually I became a morning person and I've been able to make some changes in life.” 

The HR team develops strategies that support the operation of the company at three levels, on the administrative, operational and strategic levels of Human Resources. The team works every day to improve the system in addition to many other daily duties. The strategy is inclusive of the solutions for our foreign employees whose legal status and documentation process is taken care of by the team. 

The team is run by Eva along with Agnes Karoly, who is a certified life and business coach, just like Eva. Fanni Krejniker, who completes the Happiness team, usually handles foreign candidates and their legal procedures. 

Agnes mentions how it takes a lot of patience, empathy and an open-minded attitude to be able to handle different personalities from different parts of the world. Even though it is a daily learning experience, Agnes now believes that she has a deep understanding of the needs of  a diverse, talented team. 

We celebrate like we hustle!

We asked the team what is the most recent fun memory they have with Infinityn and Agnes said, “After the pandemic, we made a trip to Eger. It felt wonderful to meet our colleagues in person, who otherwise were faces on a computer screen for a long time.” Fanni who is also a fan of the team building activities says that her favourite part about this work culture is the constant feedback she gets, which she uses to improve her style of work. 

We asked our HR heroes to describe their must-have skills to be a good Happiness Manager and they responded with some really interesting points. Eva said it is her top priority to come up with creative ways to solve problems of the entire team. Agnes suggested that patience and an approachable attitude is important. Fanni believes that you must have a supportive attitude while also being quick to respond to people’s queries is the way to keep a team happy. 

Now here is a place where you will find leaders and mentors for your professional success and a dedicated team for your well-being. If you pick this to be your first job, then we assure you that every job after this will be something you can quickly adapt to. If you'd like to find out more check out our careers page or follow us on LinkedIn!

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