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Why is Sales the Best 1st Job? Workshop, October 17th

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We’re happy to announce that we’ll be hosting a sales workshop at Corvinus University of Budapest this Thursday (October 17th) and we’re looking forward to seeing you all there.

Infinityn Sales Workshop

We appreciate this opportunity to give back to our local community and to share our experiences as a premiere enterprise sales development agency. For the past year, we’ve been centralizing international talent here at our Budapest headquarters, a centrally based hub from which the growing Infinityn team has made it our mission to help global, high-tech companies realize the full potential of their market outreach. We’re all happy to share the full breadth of our experiences working on behalf of global organizations with entrepreneurial-minded students and young professionals.

At Infinityn, we believe in a world of abundance and in the infinite possibilities enabled by technology. That’s where our namesake originates—infinite possibilities at an exponential scale or, more succinctly, Infinityn. We work with both established companies who lead their industries as well as rapidly rising scale-ups and our mission is to ensure that the innovations they offer benefit the maximum amount of people. Our goal is to make technological, industrial and scientific advancements accessible, usable and available to all. In order to accomplish this on behalf of our clients, our outbound prospecting team accelerates complex sales cycles in target verticals at a global level.

The schedule for the workshop:

  • A brief introduction to the company and its people
  • An Agenda Overview
  • First Job in Sales: Personality Traits, Characteristics and Skills-Acquired
  • Evolution of Sales as a Profession
  • The Role of Passion
  • The Power of Persuasion
3 Pillars of Successful Communication: Vocabulary, Tone, Body Language
  • Effects of Body Language on Tone of Voice
  • Using Digital Tools and modern-day Sales Stacks
  • The Secret
  • Networking: Digital Sales, Business Intelligence, Telesales


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