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Account-Based Experience (ABX).

This is a strategy that puts the customer at the heart of everything we do. By aligning your marketing, sales, operations, and service teams, we ensure that we deliver experiences that are not only personalized but also highly relevant to each of your target accounts.

Strategize ABX 

We help you clarify and harmonize your ABX strategy with your vision and objectives. Furthermore, we aid in effectively conveying these insights to related stakeholders and teams. This will ensure that your ABX strategy is coherent, effective, and aligned with your business goals and customer needs.

Create ABX Blueprint

We conduct an in-depth diagnosis of your current ABX capability and provide you with a customized roadmap to achieve your ABX goals faster and efficiently. We also help you validate the feasibility and desirability of your ABX roadmap and prioritize critical and impactful steps to pursue.

Develop ABX CoE

We help you build an ABX CoE team, a skilled group of ABX leaders who can drive and sustain the ABX transformation across your organization. Additionally, we offer tailored guidance and constructive feedback to this team, along with access to exclusive resources and proven methodologies.


ABX Excellence

Why Us?

At its core, ABX is a strategic go-to-market approach that prioritizes personalized and cohesive experiences for your target accounts. Imagine it as a finely tuned orchestra where marketing, sales, operations, and customer success teams harmonize to create tailored interactions throughout the B2B buyer journey. ABX ensures that every touchpoint resonates with authenticity and relevance, enhancing customer satisfaction and driving long-term loyalty.

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Why Choose Us for ABX Strategy?

  • Expertise: Transforming clients across industries and regions.
  • Results: Proven track record delivering value.
  • Comprehensive Service: Customized from diagnosis to support.

Benefit from our ABX expertise, supported by a strategic partnership with Demandbase, the industry’s ABX leader.

Mastering Account-Based Experience

Unlocking excellence with our strategies

Discover how our range of methods and tactics transforms B2B marketing and sales through Mastering Account-Based Experience (ABX). Explore key areas where we focus to drive success.

Client Testimonial

Hear from a satisfied customer who have transformed his B2B marketing and sales with ABX and Agile ABG.

AVEVA wanted to generate highly qualified marketing leads that convert to pipeline/business. We were open to experimenting with new, progressive approaches to growth, and the Agile ABG concept from Infinityn seemed to be a promising route. The team at Infinityn helped me bring ideas, strategies, data, and collaboration opportunities that have been a contributing part of our 2021 progress so far. Thanks to their new concept and Demandbase expertise, we even went on to bag the B2B Innovator Award!
Andrew Reed
Senior Marketing Manager, AVEVA

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