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Discover ‘Agile Account-Based Growth’ – a 56-page guidebook meticulously handcrafted by our experts. This comprehensive framework ensures predictable revenue growth. Perfect for decision-makers in marketing, sales, customer success, and revenue operations, this guide is your blueprint for mastering B2B markets and achieving sustained success.

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Agile Account-Based Growth Guidebook

Evolution of Account-Based Strategies: From ABM to Agile ABG

Transforming B2B Strategies for Predictable Growth

Discover the journey of Account-Based Growth, evolving from traditional Account-Based Marketing (ABM) to the customer-centric approach of Account-Based Experience (ABX), with Agile Account-Based Growth (ABG) serving as the operating system behind ABX. At Infinityn, we guide you through this evolution, turning ambitious growth promises into tangible realities.

From ABM to ABX

A Revolution in Customer-Centricity

Embark on the transformative journey from Account-Based Marketing (ABM) to Account-Based Experience (ABX), where every interaction is meticulously crafted to resonate deeply with your customers. Discover how this shift empowers personalized journeys, fostering stronger connections and driving unparalleled loyalty.

From ABX to Agile ABG

Integrating Organizational Functions

Discover how Agile Account-Based Growth (Agile ABG) evolves from ABX, acting as the operating system that seamlessly integrates organizational functions, technologies, people, and processes. Explore how this integration drives predictable growth and fosters adaptability in dynamic market landscapes.

The Agile ABG Advantage

Driving Predictable Growth

Explore the transformative power of our Agile ABG framework, engineered to deliver steady, consistent, and predictable revenue growth. Overcoming the constraints of traditional ABM, it pioneers the next generation of account-based strategies with ABX at its core, ensuring unparalleled success in dynamic market environments.

How Agile Account-Based Growth (Agile ABG) Works

Discover the power of Agile Account-Based Growth. Seamlessly integrating sales, marketing, and customer success, our methodology drives meaningful interactions and delivers measurable results. Experience it firsthand through real-world use cases.

Data Discovery & Contextualization

We dive into your tech stack, collaborating closely with marketing and account managers to unearth comprehensive customer data, revealing hidden insights. This data is seamlessly integrated with intent data, meticulously curated to formulate a precise target account list.

Tailored Account Campaigns

Drawing from insights distilled from contextualized data, we delve into your audience's preferences and behaviors to create highly personalized campaigns and creatives. This approach ensures resonance and drives significant engagement and conversions with your target audience.

Swift Success

Witness tangible results promptly as we advance your sales pipeline with leads from Qualified Buying Groups. From pinpointing key decision-makers to orchestrating discovery calls, we facilitate seamless collaboration among your SDR team, account executives, and marketing teams.

Agile ABG: Unlocking the Flywheel of Success

Navigating the Five Stages for Sustainable Growth

Explore the comprehensive journey of Agile Account-Based Growth (Agile ABG) through its five dynamic stages. From laying the groundwork with Account-Based Intelligence (ABI) to fostering enduring advocacy with Account-Based Customer Success (ABCS), this framework empowers businesses to thrive in the ever-evolving landscape of B2B growth. Dive into each stage's purpose, strategies, and ultimate goal, and discover how to propel your organization toward lasting success with agile, account-centric strategies.



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Navigate the Core of Agile ABG: A Chapter-by-Chapter Voyage

Step into the heart of ‘Agile Account-Based Growth’ and traverse each pivotal chapter. From foundational insights to advanced strategies, this section previews the rich tapestry of knowledge that awaits. Discover how each chapter builds upon the last, forming a comprehensive framework designed for the ambitious revenue leaders of large global enterprises, scaleups, and mid-size corporations.

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