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Everyone can be a good salesperson!

Are you interested in a career that will help you improve yourself?

We have great news for you! Infinityn International is launching a series of Sales Workshops for university students who are curious and would love to learn more about the exciting world of sales.
During the workshop, our presenters will share and discuss various topics that will not only help you understand the role of a sales representative, but also provide insights for you to advance in your individual self-development journey.



Undoubtedly, sales is an excellent career choice and a great first job for everyone.

Infinityn’s Workshops have been designed to show you in an interactive and entertaining way what ‘being a salesperson’ truly means and to help you gain communication skills that you can utilize in both your professional and personal lives.

Mastering these sales techniques will drive you forward on your career path as well as give you guidance on how to communicate based on different personality types and circumstances.

At the workshop, our professionals aim to give guidance for you to learn more with the help of fun exercises and with in-depth introductions of:

  • Why is Sales a good first job?
  • What is Sales?
  • Psychology of Sales - DOs and DON’Ts of selling
  • Different ways of Communication
  • DISC personalities – and you will find out which category you fit in!

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Danielle Tesima

Account - Based Sales Developer


“I love Infinityn's growth culture. It's a place of opportunities, development, and diversity.”