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extend your sales efforts, boost outbound results, capture market potential with Infinityn’s team

- watch the pipeline-gap disappear




We don’t stop at leads. You can also leverage our research capabilities, fill your events with our help, or have us guide you in building your sales development team.




Infinityn is in the business of opening doors at enterprises for your technology.

Harness our decades’ of sales development experience, or use us in a number of other ways:

Whitelabel sales development

Sales prospecting with the SPS3 Method

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Sales pipeline consulting

We build your outbound team&processes with you, and help implement the right technology

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Infinityn - sales development consulting

Account-based Intelligence

Research as a Service

Empowering your sales and marketing teams with actionable data and insight on target accounts

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We generally don’t replace any function or people in your sales organization, but rather act as an extension to your outbound team, on your behalf. 


Cooperations start with an SPS Impact Assessment Session, where we investigate your opportunities and assess whether and how we can make the SPS3 framework work for you. Get in touch to schedule an SPS3 Impact Assessment Session.

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