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What makes Infinityn special?

We believe great people can do awesome things when working together as a team. We value each and every one of our team members and give them every opportunity for professional and personal growth. Do you want to have a real impact with the work you do in your life and the lives of others? Join us and let's achieve awesome things together.

Beast mode is a key component of the Infinityn mindset. It’s when you get in a flow, when the outside world ceases to exist, it’s when your performance is peaking and you are devouring KPIs. 

It’s the kind of flow-experience that happens when you’re achieving a major goal, breezing by obstacles and hitting targets. 


You are pumped because you’re in gear, you are challenged, you’re winning and growing. 

Professionally and personally, beast mode is one of the most fulfilling states.

Infinityn - Beast mode

Putting the Best in Beast


Infinityn strives to be the place where sales talent can rise and shine. A supporting culture, the work environment and policies for flexibility are all geared to make the best talent in sales feel in the right place… and flourish. 

A happiness manager who is a certified coach, helps team members from around the world fit in, feel at home and be their best. Meet our Happiness Manager here.





Students and interns: The best first job is sales

This is a common experience - and we host a workshop on this every year for fresh graduates. See why sales is the best first job and apply for the next event here