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Process- and technology-guiding in sales development


Done-with-you vs. Done-for-you Sales Development 

If you want to close a huge pipeline gap using SPS3, you can develop a team in-house with the help of a certified SPS3 Guide. Alternatively, you can extend your team with Infinityn. 


Here is how to decide between an outbound sales development guiding service, and done-for-you service:

Ideal candidate for Sales Development Service (“done-for-you”):

  • Pipeline gap to close is large and time is short
  • There is a headcount-ceiling and scaling internal outbound team is not possible
  • Lack of time/resources to train existing outbound team

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Sales Development Service

Ideal candidate for Sales Development Guiding Service (“done-with-you”): 

  • Low urgency to close the gap
  • Scaling internal team is possible in the short run
  • Can afford the time to train existing team



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SPS3 Methodology 


Some organizations choose to implement SPS3  by themselves, using Infinityn as an advisor to guide and manage the process. 


Often, we are called in to implement a sales technology platform, which we are intimately familiar with.

Building your outbound sales mechanism?

Leverage our experience

  • You are given a plan on how to implement SPS3 in your organization
  • You get a few but vital KPI’s to track during implementation
  • We monitor your progress and coach you through the process

Want to implement better sales technology?

Use Infinityn’s savvy

  • Get clarity in choosing the right platform
  • Enjoy the safety of our guidance in aligning processes with the software’s functionality 
  • Get world-class software with hassle-free and fast implementation


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Here are a few of the outcomes you can expect from working with our Guides in outbound sales development or technology implementation:

  • Eliminate costly trial-and-error
  • Speed up implementation and reduce costs
  • Clarity from the detailed roadmap and indicators
  • Reduced stress and obligations in managing the project
  • Peace of mind from your Guide’s world-class support and mentoring
The first step moving forward

Gain an understanding of SPS3’s potential in your organization.

We’ll help you map out the steps needed to build your successful outbound team in a 60-minute SPS3 Impact Assessment Session.

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