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Unique Methodology




Our unique methodology


The way we make it work is the proven SPS3 Methodology. This framework has all the components needed to create and sustain SQLs at scale.


Human-centered foundations

    • Culture - a highly motivating environment and a supporting atmosphere is the foundation for building a successful prospecting team
    • Dedicated team - you get a dedicated, whitelabel team complementing your own sales organization, who live and breathe your product and messaging; not just operators reading scripts 
    • Hand-crafted, real-human, genuine outreach; no sleazy robots, only research-backed engagement, matching your brand’s tone


Art and science of Infinityn

    • Research-heavy prospecting and indicator-centric processes
    • Neuro-science-based conversations: when devising scripts and conversations, we employ the latest findings from the field of neuroscience and persuasion-psychology. 
    • Intuition incorporated: About 80% of what we do is “art”: we provide space for our experts’ intuition and tacit knowledge to come into the picture. This “intangible” bit is often what creates big breakthroughs.


State-of-the-art Technology

    • Multi-channel engagement - we leverage networks and tech in outreach - and make sure we don’t over-engage your prospects.
    • Smart research tools - besides doing manual and genuine outreach, we employ the best technology to aid our efforts and make the project az effective as possible for you
    • Platform-expertise: to create breakthrough, the proper employment of the right sales-tech is needed. Infinityn can deploy the best technologies to aid sales development.



  • Culture - Let’s be honest - outbound prospecting can wear people out fast - just look at industry fluctuation rates. Unless, that is, people get to do it in a supporting, fun environment. We nurture a special work hard/play hard, fun environment for team members who connect with enterprise leaders on your behalf. Our retention rates are 3-3.5x the industry average. We attract global talent easily to our nice premises, headquartered in one of Europe’s most exciting cities. 
  • Dedicated whitelabel team - Using our Sales Pipeline as a Service is like having dedicated staff doing outbound prospecting for you. They live and breathe your product, your vision, your culture and lingo. If you want us to build your inhouse team, we will help you implement our processes as well as put all the soft components in place that make SPS3 work. 
  • Hand-crafted results: we engage your prospects using ethical, white-hat methods only. This organic, human touch makes all the difference in building relationships - and the results show for it. We also employ native speakers - whether your target market is the US, the Far-East or anything in between: we’ll have native speakers of your target country engaging leads on your behalf - for that additional touch in your brand image and effectiveness.



  • Research-heavy prospecting and indicator-centric processes - Generating SQLs on an ongoing basis, at scale is 65% research, 35% execution. Our rigorous and thorough research process is a key determinant of our results. Likewise, as for performance in outbound prospecting, success has two components; being numbers driven and quality-oriented at the same time. Both qualities are in our DNA. 
  • Neuro-science-based scripts: when devising scripts, conversations and followup-sequences, we employ the latest results from the field of neuroscience and persuasion-psychology.
  • Intuition incorporated: 80% of the value we create happens according to tested and well documented methods, processes. About 20% is “art”: we provide space for our experts’ intuition and tacit knowledge to come into the picture. This “intangible” bit is often what creates big breakthroughs.



  • Multi-channel engagement - We leverage a mix of social networks, phone, surprising new ways such as video messages, and even old-fashioned printed mail to get the attention and increase the efficiency of our outreach efforts. Alignment with your brand is always a priority.
  • Smart research tools - Besides doing manual outreach, we employ the best technology to aid our efforts and make the project as effective as possible for you. Researching prospects goes far deeper than checking Linkedin and web-based information sources;  several premium tools are leveraged for your research, which even complement one another.  
  • Platform-expertise - Proper use of the right tech can create miracles. Infinityn’s certified consultants have an in-depth understanding for leading sales platforms such as Hubspot Sales Hub Enterprise, AirCall, SalesNavigator, ZoomInfo. Not only do we understand the processes needed to do sales development at a world-class level, but we know how to implement the supporting technology too.

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