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Infinityn - Corporate Event Recruitment

Corporate events are powerful for lead generation



Get the most out of events with Event Impact Maximization


Event impact maximization

Whether virtual or physical, a VIP event hosted by your company for prospect-decision makers is the strongest way to build relationships. When you have an event, it’s crucial that the right guests are in the audience. 

It's also vital that those attendees then get qualified as leads and assisted further down the pipeline. 

Infinityn recruits the perfect decision makers and influencers for your company, and brings them to the table in the (virtual) conference room. 

VIP Event Attendees

Event attendee recruitment is different

Recruiting guests for events is a different kind of activity, than what most sales agents at tech companies are used to. 

  • The event as a product is different 
  • The prospect’s motivation is different
  • Deadlines are stricter and sales cycles much shorter, than on the enterprise tech scene

For these reasons, tech marketing and sales teams often struggle with filling events. This is where you need to extend your team with specialist help. 

fill your corporate event with infinityns services

How Event Impact Maxmization is a great extension of marketing efforts

Infinityn’s personal outreach complements digital marketing efforts for filling events - whether it be virtual or in-person. 

An email marketing campaign can set the stage for outreach over telephone, making the multi-channel engagement much more effective, personalized and unique for the prospects.

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Converting attendees to sales-qualified leads: the post-event follow-up 

Hosting an event doesn’t end with the last speaker hanging up the microphone. Timely follow-up engagements convert attendees to SQL’s, ready to pass the baton to closers in the sales department. 

100% dedicated, white label help

Your extended sales development team at Infinityn, acting on your behalf, in your brand’s tone, does all of the research, prospecting and converting attendees

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complement your sales team with infinityn

Your next corporate event: full with the right VIP attendees

What would it mean to have your next event attended by the most desirable prospects and experts? Infinityn takes care of every step from prospecting to recruiting guests or selling tickets. See how we can put SPS3 to use for filling your events: sign up for an SPS3 Impact Assessment Session. 

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