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Articles on B2B, ABG, ABM, marketing and Business development. A world with infinite opportunities for technology to improve upon our business, personal lives and natural environment.

Account-Based Marketing: concept and implementation

Marketing goes beyond promotion. Marketing is creativity, profound planning, understanding of your audience, analysing data – especially nowadays, organisations have to go way beyond, and be more sophisticated than ever. Marketing is all around and if it’s done right, it will take your business growth to the next level.

One data set. One Customer Journey - Webinar

Today’s sales and marketing teams don’t have access to the right data to know which accounts to...

What is ABG?

TOPO’s “2019 ACCOUNT BASED BENCHMARK REPORT” – which included 150 account-based organizations -...

Inject Account Intelligence into every step of the buying journey - Webinar

It’s hard to hit your pipeline goals when you can’t see your targets. Good thing we can light the...

A new perspective of data visualisation

How a simple visual can change the game for your organization’s intelligence efforts.


The Brains Behind Your Enterprise’s Next Growth Spurt

“Every company wants to increase revenue.” That’s a pretty safe and agreeable statement to make.

What is ABI?

Account-Based Intelligence (ABI) is what powers ABM strategy & overall growth. Through ABI, we are...

A new business model for outsourcing enterprises



Ready for a career upgrade?

Hello! How is the job hunt going? Are you looking to join a set of growth-minded colleagues and...

Infinityn Academy: What’s your mojo?

While hiring at any organization, there are layers to the interviewing process, just to ensure the...