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Infinityn International & Aircall: A perfect match

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Last week, our friends at Aircall worked with us on a success story that you can read here! We had a great chat with the folks there in order to collaborate on this article and we’re excited to share the final result with you all today. Infinityn International & Aircall have enjoyed a very productive relationship and we utilize their top VoIP solution as we connect leading technology vendors with global enterprises around the world. We build dedicated outsourced outbound sales development teams for our clients and one of the tools we put into their sales tech arsenal is Aircall’s cloud-based phone system. Thanks a lot to Erica Davidson & Collin Cadmus for helping bring this story to life.

First off, what is Aircall?

Aircall is a voice-over-internet-protocol platform and one of the best VoIP solutions on the market. We originally learned about their product through our trusted partnership with Hubspot, who recommended their service to us. Infinityn International’s team of sales development representatives have been getting results daily utilizing this leading solution.

Our SDRs conduct outbound prospecting and engage target accounts on a global level and at an accelerated pace. As a cloud-based phone system, Aircall helps out along the way as Infinityn develops sales-qualified pipelines, one conversation at a time. Our prospects aren’t limited to just one region, let alone one country. They’re all over the world. We need to get in touch with enterprise-level decision-makers all the way from the Americas to Europe to Asia to the Middle East. That’s a lot of long-distance dials and we make hundreds in a day on behalf of our clients.

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Our team of sales developers are constantly on-the-go and accustomed to working not just in our centralized office space in Budapest but also remotely and even abroad. We can access Aircall through our computers, mobiles & tablets, which means that all our SDRs need to get started discovering customers-to-be for our clients is a stable internet connection.

While telephone prospecting is not the only method in which we engage prospects, it is one of the most necessary. As it goes with sales development, our prospects are not always expecting a phone call, particularly with those in the c-level. Getting in contact with them requires multiple touches and an aggressive, hunter mindset. Multiple long-distance calls would be quite expensive without a cloud-based solution. This is important as our SDRs are hungry to dial all day.

Aircall is also one of the easiest ways for us to keep in touch with our clients, particularly between Infinityn’s SDRs and our client’s Account Executives who need to stay in constant contact in order to align on strategy, prepare for next steps and usher enterprise prospects through the initial stages of the buying process.

In short, we’re on the phone a lot here at Infinityn International and Aircall has been a critical asset for us. Thanks again to their success team for making the article happen. Check it out on their site here!






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