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6 min read

Your sales people in flying cars

...does it seem like a distant utopia? This will be reality sooner than you think. That is because the future is faster...

8 min read

Challenging From Lead To Close

The recent pandemic, economic slowdown, and accompanying uncertainty has resulted in a temporary interruption in how...

8 min read

Engineering happiness for sales success

“Happy people produce more profit” used to be a squishy, debated claim - an idea that has been slow to penetrate...

6 min read

Beast mode: an SDR's state of peak performance

“What happened to him?” … “Has he gone mad?!” “Should we get him a sandwich for lunch?”

For Chris’ new colleagues...

6 min read

The Crucial but Overlooked Role of Happiness Managers

A key piece in developing our employee-centric working culture

Exceptional organizations build and sustain a culture...

11 min read

11 classic representations of sales & marketing in film & television

Filmmakers have romanticized the sales profession time and time again. Cinematic portrayals have deified, humanized,...

17 min read

Growing your RPA business’s presence in an evolving enterprise market

Helping your future customers advance from RPA initiative to great ROI

By Kyle Hansen & Yuriy Koshulap 


8 min read

How to salvage your cancelled corporate VIP event

Flexible strategies to ensure that your sales & marketing efforts still deliver in the wake of Covid-19



15 min read

Sales Development: Essential Elements of a Successful Outbound Campaign

One of the most important functions within a productive outbound machine is Sales Development, the process of filling...

9 min read

How to Choose a Lead Generation & Outbound Prospecting Service Provider

X Factors to look for when Choosing a 3rd Party Vendor

Opening the doors to new business is a critical stage of the...