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A white label prospecting service:
realizing your sales organization’s full potential



Is your organization trying to close a large gap in the pipeline? 


Is the sales force prospecting instead of closing… and losing out on market potential?

How much more market share could you win with world-class prospecting?

Companies that are the fastest to market get to ride the best waves.

Infinityn helps your enterprise beat competition to new markets.



Here is how:



infinityn research service

1. We research your market


2. Set up your whitelabel team

Infinityn - sales development outsourcing-1

3. Launch pilot + get results

global growth with infinityn sales prospecting service

4. Scale + take on new markets

You will experience qualified leads flowing in three weeks


SPS3 is the Framework that guarantees success

Human-centered foundation

  • Culture
  • Dedicated sales team
  • Hand crafted, genuine outreach

Art and science of Infinityn

  • Research-heavy prospecting
  • Neuro-science-based conversations
  • Intuition incorporated


  • Multi-channel engagement 
  • Smart research tools
  • Platform expertise

To learn more about SPS3, the only outbound methodology created
specifically for getting sales-qualified enterprise leads for technology
companies Click Here



Infinityn does not encourage a rip and replace approach in
most situations. Though it is sometimes necessary, we
always aim to complement your existing foundation and to
elevate your overall sales organization to new heights with
our outbound expertise. If preferred, we can help you
implement SPS3 and guide you through the process. See our
outbound sales development services.

How Infinityn’s prospecting
service is different

Tech enterprises need a more refined approach when it comes to sales development.
Infinityn’s SPS3 method is the only sales development framework for enterprises in the
tech sector.

  • Each individual outreach is preceded by rigorous research
  • The team is dedicated to your project only - no agents switching between roles and sectors
  • Native speakers who understand your brand’s tone, acting as your company.
  • We use the best sales technology, integrating to your CRM.
  • You really get qualified leads. Here is our standard for a qualified lead

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Is Infinityn a good fit? 

Our sweet-spot is tech enterprises with an existing sales organization, looking to harness their potential - because there is much more out there. To see if and how we can help you, we invite you to sign up for the SPS3 Impact Assessment Session.

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