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Growth targets for sales-qualified
enterprise leads achieved in 9 months
out of a projected 12 months time frame




A global industrial software vendor needed to accelerate the growth of their tier 1- and global-level sales-qualified pipeline in order to take advantage of a new internal development.

With thousands of employees spread out over dozens of countries around the world, our client had already established itself as a leader in its field.

In the wake of a merger with another leading company, our client wanted to leverage the strength of their combined portfolios to capture a greater share of the global market. This was a time-sensitive endeavor. They needed to quickly dedicate sales resources to support a new combined offering that had integrated several distinct product lines - not just a single portfolio.

The client's offering is particularly complex with a lengthy sales cycle to enterprise clients, on a global scale. Sales development targeting the C- and VP-levels, in an endeavor of such complexity necessitates a special methodology. 

To provide a fast solution, the client had enlisted Infinityn International to generate sales-qualified pipeline in support of their frontline efforts. We recruited and trained a mobile, white-labeled Sales Development team to serve as their extended Demand Generation arm within specific geographic regions and industries.

Scope Of Service

Our client needed to increase its outreach in order to capitalize on the timing of the new combined product offering. The main priority was generating tier 1 sales-qualified leads.  

The client procures software solutions at 2 distinct levels: from the corporate HQ level and also at the facility/plant level. For example, a company headquartered in 1 country could have production plants across several other continents. In the wake of the merge, our client needed to drive business not just by opening new accounts but also through engaging existing customers who had facilities operating without the benefit of their solutions.

To achieve the client’s aggressive & time-sensitive goals, Infinityn built an international sales development team to deliver sales-qualified leads and extend our client’s geographic reach. Over the course of our relationship, the client has opted to deploy Infinityn’s outbound prospecting service for the assigned target verticals in:

  • Europe
  • North & South America
  • Asia
  • Middle East

After the initial pilot phase, our client established a 12 Month timeframe to generate sales qualified leads to the degree of hundreds of millions of dollars.



The client provided Infinityn with corporate email addresses and allowed for customer-facing LinkedIn profiles so that our SDRs could operate as their representatives. Furthermore, our two companies collaborated on training in order to ensure that Infinityn’s SDRs fully mastered the client’s messaging and sales cadence. From the 3rd week on, Infinityn began to generate sales-qualified pipeline in a pilot ‘trial’ phase with a lower priority software. After the successful pilot project, Infinityn was tasked with generating sales qualified leads for the company's most valuable line of software.

In addition, Infinityn was tasked with the highest priority leads of the company; after the pilot project, Infinityn handles tier 1 and global-level accounts with the client. 

The sales cycle itself is fairly complex and lengthy; it lasts between 1-1.5 years. Infinityn engages the prospect and has one or several conversations regarding the solution. 

For a lead to be classified as 'qualified' and for the handover to occur, a prospect must demonstrate significant need for our client's solution, as well as be in the position to make a decision regarding a pilot project. For a handover to occur towards our client, simply demonstrating "interest in a next step" isn't enough. In other words, we evaluate prospects based on BANT/CHAMP criteria. 

There is another call that involves the prospect as well as our client's sales team, introducing them to one another. 

From the prospect's perspective, the process is seamless, they never learn that Infinityn was involved. As mentioned, our SDRs' Linkedin profiles, email addresses and virtual phone numbers all reflect the client's company.

To engage the full breadth of the global marketplace, Infinityn’s SDR team employs a virtual, omnichannel selling approach, utilizing multiple communication channels to qualify prospects and organize ‘Next Steps’ meetings between the potential new buyers and our client’s sales organization. This enables our client to focus their attention on closing activities, as opposed to prospecting.

Infinityn achieved the client’s target 3 months ahead of schedule.





By working intensively alongside our client’s sales organization, Infinityn generated the target amount of 10% sales-qualified pipeline which progressed to 20% sales-qualified pipeline at a rate of around 50%. This target for leads was achieved in 9 Months out of a projected 12 Months timeline. 

Our relationship continues to grow with this client and they’ve enlisted our assistance in several other areas, such as converting Marketing-Qualified-Leads into Sales-Qualified-Leads and Corporate VIP Event recruiting. 





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